Melinda Holt was born and educated in Australia and is a contemporary mixed media abstract painter with occasional forays into collage, sculpture, and construction.

With a background in Zoology and Ecology and having worked as an Environmental Consultant and Project Manager for over 20 years, she retrained as a Visual Artis and is now painting full time. 

Melinda works from two studios, in Melbourne and in Loch, Victoria.

Artist Statement

With no desire to record the landscape literally, my intention is to capture memories of the landscape throughout the year, noting subtle changes to the colours and shapes.  No two Summers, Autumns, Winters or Springs are the same, revealing new shapes and marks from year to year.

I glean my images from walking in the landscape, mapping the terrain in my mind as I go – the roads, the tracks, dams, windbreaks, fences, and old tin sheds.  I take lots of photos but rarely refer to them as I work. The memories emerge on the canvas, board or paper in abstract forms, using texture, line, sanding, layering, glazes, wiping on and off and stencil.

I’m interested in the layers of the landscape, the marks, scars, and structural elements repeated at different scales and the feel and colour of a moment in time.